“Crush” Groove

Inking a bit more of this “Too Negative” story while I wait for maternal phone call…

I’m in a weird headspace you see. I generally consider myself a “sex positive” feminist and don’t subscribe to any of these old cultural memes about sex being dirty or wrong, or that only one type of sexuality is correct for everybody, or that women shouldn’t have libidos or any of that bullshit. Trouble is, there are a few new cultural memes that I don’t buy into either. Like “All fetishes are automatically empowering” or the idea that a woman with a libido is not merely a healthy, functioning human being, she is a GODDESS! (Every corporeal “goddess” I’ve ever encountered is always self-proclaimed. The ones who just speak to you from the air never have to announce themselves as such though. It’s just that obvious.)

Meanwhile I am being lured to an improvisational performance night with promises of Max Fleischer cartoons being screened at a cafe. Other vocalists demand drugs, alcohol, brown M&M’s.


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