The Planets

I admit, I know nothing about photography, it’s really just something I do for fun. I snap photos of things that strike my fancy, these can be anything from my loved ones to a rusty razor blade discarded on the street. There’s probably an explanation for the little faery spheres appearing in this photo that has more to do with my incompetence with a camera than with anything metaphysical. But for now if I want to pretend the Sephiroth are manifesting themselves in a rainy, abandoned railyard, I’m damn well gonna! Even if there are a total of 12 in the photo. Ummm, one is Daath, and uhhhh, the last one…iiiisssss…ummm…there’s 12 cuz’ there’s one to represent the Ain Soph beyond it all. Yeah, that’s the ticket, somebody buy me a drink for coming up with that one.


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