La-La Land: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Clinic

There’s always some cel-vinyl paint in an animation studio, but how seriously does anyone use it anymore? I dunno. Yuppie reading Ayn Rand? Swear it happened. I love when people SOOOOO live their cliches, above and beyond the point you were realistically expecting them to, till life itself becomes as much of a slapstick cartoon as I draw this journal strip to be. And the old, abandoned decaying buildings will always have a poignant quality to them that those fashionable-but-soulless glass panel monstrosities they favor now will never match. Here’s a nice one I snapped a picture of the other day, on the same walk I took the abandoned railyard photo.

I love the way the little raindrops beaded underneath everything, love the way that looks.


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