La-La Land: Charlie Sheen vs. Joseph Beuys

To think, this comic only occurred two months ago, but it already seems like ages since that time when we all for 15 minutes decided that everything Charlie Sheen said in some drug-fueled and possibly bipolar haze was really frikkin’ hilarious. At least compared to any given episode of Two & A Half Men. And admittedly, he could deliver quite a turn of phrase, but does that alone put him on a par with the multi-leveled societal and shamanic themes explored by Joseph Beuys? Maybe if I twist and convolute my logic hard enough, I will figure out how juxtaposing explaining art (among other things a human attempt to achieve immortality) to something as mortal and primal as the corpse of a rabbit is TOTALLY THE SAME as holding a knife to your ex-wife’s neck and declaring this behavior “winning”. Cuz you know,in both instances we are faced with the idea of mortality and—ahhh I really don’t feel like doing this and I don’t think this whole “death” angle is the sole interpretation of the action anyway.


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