Some teaser images-just under deadline!

So I just submitted a six page, very confessional mini-comic to the Planned Parenthood Zine Anthology Project. A few of the images look like this but you know, with text left in.)

Huh. I just found out that WordPress will do multiple images this way – anyway, the theme of the anthology is sexuality, which, believe it or not, these images pertain to. Basically this comic talks about BDSM, rape and PTSD (and hopefully hammers home the point between consensual BDSM & outright violence/abuse, which I’ve actually encountered complete dimwits of both genders who don’t understand.),emergency contraception, sex work, emotional disconnect, emotional connect, sex while mentally ill, sex while disabled…I guess what I’m trying to say is that if someone somewhere doesn’t get their consciousness raised on some level by this thing, I’ll eat my horns.


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