Underground Howl Festival/Menagerie II Artist Meet & Greet

This month the Underground Howl Festival is underway with art, readings, music, performances, discussion panels and film screenings scheduled throughout the month on the Lower East Side. I’ll be exhibiting art at Bar On A, Patti Kelly Gallery, and Kenkeleba House throughout the month, as well as performing on the 24th with Eric in the garden at A Gathering Of Tribes (new project in the works called Doll Hospital). Keep watching this space for details, but in the meantime tomorrow evening festivities begin at Bar On A (at 11th St. and Ave. A) with art on display (like mine), music and performances. Artist meet and greet begins at 6 PM, performances start at 8 PM.

To see a press release with a fuller itinerary and who’s involved, visit http://www.undergroundhowl.org and click the Press Release link.

Named for Allen Ginsberg’s iconic poem “Howl”, the festival is a celebration of the art and bohemia of the Lower East Side (along with the slum goddesses who can no longer afford the Ave. C closet with the constantly screaming super’s wife who has 5 teeth in her head and looks/acts like the bus driver in South Park, and had to relocate to Brooklyn instead.)

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