Live Painting From A Gathering Of The Tribes

So last night’s opening at A Gathering Of The Tribes was fantastic – lots of great art, music, spoken word, and there was wine with pictures of baseball players on it. Many kudos to Steve Cannon and Shell Sheddy for this happening!

One of the surprises of the evening were three unstretched canvases tacked to the gallery walls along with several tubes of acrylic paint, dog eared brushes, and the challenge to do a spontaneous live painting action, right then and there. It was an opportunity to try out a fan brush, since I don’t actually have one, and the end result was this:

This is “The Lost Soul Of Radical Feminism”, which I painted an image of in hopes of getting her to return to the current hard-reality paradigm I’m at least partially required to occupy. At least corporeally, at all times. And I must share space with misogynists. Quite honestly I’d spent a portion of the afternoon cranky from the heat wave and cross at the complacency I was seeing in regards to this news item – which is apparently only the latest in a long line of stalking, harassing and abusive behaviors from a man who apparently has a repeated history of doing such things to women. When he’s not doing them to underage girls. (All of this by now has been meticulously documented on the internet. Two minutes worth  of Google should give you your fill.) But on some feminist sites the response was so lackluster – rolling over to expose the underbelly while tossing hands helplessly in the air proclaiming “Well it’s cruel, but it’s the law that he can do that!”

So oh well.

Never mind the fact that one judge has already ordered him to remove it and it’s currently in appeal, and some question does remain about it’s legality in regard to HIPAA regulations. At the time of this writing, it remains to be seen what this second court will make of all these factors, but everyone’s already lain their swords in the dust anyway.

What the fuck happened? When were the feminists replaced with Freidan’s Female Eunuchs? (Ok, it’s also been from men). If it does turn out that the law protects this guy even to the point where he can wiggle around it to use it to abuse women, even when they’re over a decade his junior and disabled, would feminists of yore shrugged and said “Well that’s that, then?” Or would they call for a re-examination of the system which contains these scud-missle sized loopholes? Think about the world we’d have if feminists had not fought for change when the law said:

Women couldn’t own property.

Women couldn’t vote.

Husbands could discipline their wives in any way they saw fit.

Husbands could have wives committed to asylums as they saw fit.

A wife could not refuse sex to her husband.

Abortions were illegal.

Why stop at feminists? What if Rosa Parks had said “Guess I’ll go to the back of this bus. I don’t like it, but it’s the law.” What if everyone at Stonewall that fateful night had said “Guess we better go home then. Pretend to find a girlfriend or something. Don’t want to upset the apple cart.” ???

When did people become so docile? Even people who claim to want social change, why are they so terrified of even the slightest action to incur that change, or even in some cases, to simply stand their ground? Make no mistake, whoever you are, unless you’re in that top 1% with the money, power, money, connections, and money (Did I say money?) to be running the show, someone somewhere has put a target on your back. Don’t you want to make that asshole’s dream of destroying you as hard as fucking possible to achieve?

Eric doesn’t want me to ever not fight, at least. He got me a new graphic novel about the life of Ana Mendieta. She was also an artist, a Cubana, a mystic, a Marxist, a feminist, and confrontational as all fuck. The fire I need to invoke. The ancestral ground I need to find a way to visit. The knife I need to sharpen for the future. If we want to HAVE one.

Mendieta at work. She said she had the choice to become an artist or a criminal. Soon it won't be an either-or option.

Me at work. There's so much more work I need to do.


2 thoughts on “Live Painting From A Gathering Of The Tribes

  1. I love your comment, and I didn’t know all that stuff about him..PLEASE, PLEASE, Please, post this to RFs. I swear we’ll be making changes to the page. After all, why call it Radical Feminists unless it has radical feminism — or stronger — in it. Now I’m embroiled in dental + SSI stuff. And Tamara’s in Egypt. And Debbie Swanner, my old RFOC comrade, will be busy till June 28. She’s as fired up as you are, even with CFIDs and environmental illness. And please post links you see, too. It takes me many hours a day — well, night — to find and post stuff. And that’s not even going into Google, which I can do. And I hope you’ve noticed that neither Tamara nor I have ever said he’s within the law, so oh well. I mean, you have to help publicize stuff like this! Also, as a Like, you can post whatever you want to the RFs page. I saw your wonderful RF painting in going to be auctioned off. I wish I could get it, but I’m not up there and I have neither Pay Pal nor a charge card, so I can’t buy anything directly off the Net, not even tarot decks. (I originally typed in “drecks.”) I’m dead tired, now, so I won’t say any more here. I still haven’t celebrated Summer Solstice, and I sure can’t do it tonight. Later.


    • Hi Brooke,

      I’ll post it when I’m able to. Also pretty embroiled with SSD/I stuff and need to get ready to go to work on some rehearsal/sound recording stuff in Western Mass. before coming back in tomorrow night…the internet’s been wonky too but I’ll try to get it there before I go.


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