MC Meals On Wheels

Discovered her today when Victor Cayro (a.k.a. BALD EAGLES) posted it on Facebook. Is it going viral yet? Or just amongst the handful of me and my friends who think this is the shit?

Apparently her real name is Laura and she was born in Mexico but raised in California. Much of the commentary both on YouTube and Facebook seems to be disbelief and bewilderment. Even from people who I suspect wouldn’t bat an eye at (and probably rather enjoy) such confrontational sexuality coming from the likes of a Lydia Lunch or a Lil Kim. But there’s still a lot of ideas that physically disabled people  are unable to function sexually, and perhaps even more to the point, that they don’t even have such desires.


Seriously. Fuck all the doubters and all the haters on this one. You have no idea about the sweaty bite-lick-pound-and-grind session I just had with my husband this afternoon, before I got up to write this. Well, I know at least a few of the people lurking on this blog really have no idea, but we’re not gonna talk about that cuz…well, no one ever asks me about it.


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