La La Land 3/12/11 – introducing Blackie!

Comics and paintings have been taking a bit of a backseat to everything else going on, have they not? Well, when I’m too tuckered out to undertake a bigger more intensive art project, I can always ink and color one of these single page numbers.

So yeah, I remember this nightmare. Bunch of bratty, spoiled sounding kids who couldn’t decide if they were the second coming of Kid Rock, Eminem, or Fred Durst. And they weren’t going to let anything as inconsequential as a complete lack of talent stand in their way!

Neither were the closing band of the night, who’d obviously spent as much time as they could learning every Led Zeppelin cover imaginable. Well, I guess, until the Guitar Center manager kicked them out. Unfortunately, that meant they couldn’t go back in there to replace the drumhead they busted on Eric’s kit, which at the time he was generously offering for the use of the performance space.

Meanwhile, an unseen few had taken some loud altercation about something or other back into the restricted area, where our residential quarters were. And proceeded to attempt to kick in the door. Who knows why or what they thought might be back there, other than residents ready to defend themselves. All I know is that I think there’s a difference between being rebellious and simply being a douchebag. Guess which category I put that night’s crowd into? 😉


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