Word Up Community Bookstore: Opening Party

Another quick note: Eric is performing tomorrow night with Seth Tobocman at Word Up, a community bookstore open for the month in Washington Heights, at an address I’m pretty sure used to be an auto parts place when I was living up on that block. That address would be:

4157 Broadway, at 175th St. To get there take the A or the 1 train right to 175th St. Walk in the direction that’s NOT the river.

I don’t think they got that old movie theater which serves as a combination church/concert venue and says “SMILE AS YOU GO PAST!” which I never did.

Anyway, the show starts at 6:30. Listed performers are Seth Tobocman ,Eric Blitz, Andy Laties, Rebecca Migdal, Carlo Quispe and Sandy Jimenez. I suspect most of this will be comic readings with sound accompaniment, but I’m making no promises of what Carlo may do…(trust me. I once saw this guy do a fully nude dance routine to a “Jerky Boys” prank call.)


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