Bubblegum Nuit & I’m showing at Metropolitan Playhouse!

I completed this last night, when I got sick of moving and rearranging things at Surreal Estate, broke down, and made ART all night instead.

It was like my mind made a color scheme by going “You know what would make the Stele of Revealing more interesting? A COMPLETE BREAK WITH REALITY!!!!” I mean, it’s based on the top of this:

So, anyway. Underground Howl Festival is still on, and I’m in another group show as part of it, this time with Fly, a talented artist and musician I’ve known for… I think a decade now! And Shell Sheddy,a talented photographer I’ve met in the past year. As well as many other artists. This show is tomorrow at Metropolitan Playhouse from 6-9, 220 E. 4th St. (between A & B). And the site says:

Dynamic & vibrant—this show captures the wide range & exciting variety of artistic expressions of our community—it is scheduled to run through August w/ interspersed artist’s talks and viewings.    

It also says sculptors will be added!


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