Friday Night- The Debut Of Doll Hospital!

Friday – June 24th —Doll Hospital is the name of a music, rant and sound collaging project that Eric and I have cooked up, and are still formulating as I type this. As part of the effort to save A Gathering Of The Tribes, 285 E. 3rd Street, we are debuting in the garden performance space! You should go, because what you’ll see may not always be what you’ll get. This Doll Hospital surgery will also be including Rebecca Migdal, Andy Laties, Don Rice and possible more surprise guests. The event runs from 7-11PM, and will also include poetry by Jeff Wright, performances by Kim Kalestri, and the short “Saving Tribes” by Francesse Maingrette.

Doll Hospital will also perform Saturday afternoon at Word Up in Washington Heights, exact time to be announced. It’s been hard to coordinate things because AT&T has been having some kind of emotional trauma or something with their tower since Monday morning, I dunno, but it’s been tough getting the internet. Oh yeah, and because I gave myself mild alcohol poisoning, not enough to go to an actual hospital, but enough to be incapable of sitting up at a computer for a day.

Handmade doll by Monica Casanova. Dr. Sangre, the head surgeon at Doll Hospital.

Yeah, it's an image I made for a Dresden Dolls book. I haven't designed an actual flier yet. I had alcohol poisoning, remember?


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