More stuff all week

So, I’m hoping this will be a better week than this previous one has been, and one optimistic sign for me is New York’s legalization of same-sex marriage, just in time for this year’s Pride! About time too! I mean, yeah, yeah, I know, New York is not just NYC, it also involves stuff like upstate and Long Island, and conservatives live here too, you know, so on and so forth until it starts to sound like that teacher on Charlie Brown cartoons. But seriously, this was getting kind of embarrassing. I mean, I don’t care how many yuppies buy it up, this is NOO YAWK FUKKIN’ CITY, ok? This is the city that people like me ran away to to get away from people like you. (Ok, probably not YOU if you’re the kind of person who actually reads this blog, or at least stops in to look at the pictures). I mean, there were midwestern states who got on the ball with this already, you powers that be gotta just quit tweeting pictures of the peen left right and center and get with the program. Same sex marriage. Simple fucking thing. No, my heterosexual marriage has suffered no averse affects since this happened.

I’m ambivalent about catching the parade, however, because there’s always way too much house and techno blasting from the floats. I’m totally cool with who people love, hella picky about allowing “mad phat beats”, as a raver roommate of mine called them, to touch my eardrums.

But if you’re looking for stuff to do post parade, I’m in another Menagerie II art show tomorrow night, this one at the Patti Kelly Gallery at 286 E. 8th St., from 6-9 PM.

Also, Doll Hospital must have done something right, like suddenly deciding my knife was a percussive instrument, because we got invited back to perform at A Gathering Of The Tribes (285 E. 3rd St.) for the Underground Howl closing party Wednesday night! Also, there will be an auction of the live paintings created at the beginning, including mine. Start time to be announced.

Doll Hospital performed there last night and today at Word Up in Washington Heights, which I didn’t get a chance to promote on here because I was in more arboreal settings, mostly in oblivious and much needed respite. But it’s a fantastic space, they’ve added more books and zines, and it’s thoroughly worth checking out.

I also spent my downtime defacing an Oprah Magazine


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