Mad Rats In The Magick Knife Forest

Watercolor portrait of me and Eric, done more for fun than anything else. In my mind, a room in our  deserted coffin factory in Bushwick looks more like this.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to come clean and admit that the idea of being rat people was inspired by the costume I saw Emilie Autumn wear at her concert back in February. Emilie Autumn is another very open rat fancier. I want to give credit where credit is due, especially when it’s due to an artist who’s been ripped off no less than two times in the past month by a certain Lady Gaga. Here is the song “Gothic Lolita”, which a)makes me think of that shithead Polanski and b)is now several years old, well predating Gaga’s “Bloody Mary”, which has a nearly identical opening. You know what they told you as a kid. If you stand in front of a bathroom mirror and chant “Bloody Mary”, a manufactured mainstream pop star in a dress made of meat will appear and plagarise everything you do without giving you credit. Brrrrr.


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