La La Land – What Do You Mean, A Bureaucrat Lied To Us?!?

More daily sketch journal:

I guess daily journal comicking is kinda gonzo. Or at least, it would be if I got them colored and posted in a timely manner. At the time this occurred there were all these posters for Rango in the subways. Although I love animation, very few new releases pique my curiosity anymore. This one did because it had the feel of illustrations Ralph Steadman had done for Hunter S. Thompson, with it’s desert-scapes and Hawaiian-shirt clad lizard who seemed to be (at least to me) clearly feeling the effects of some bad hallucinogenics.


Actually, if you pay attention to the scene in the film where Rango is attempting to cross the highway (at the urging of a Casteneda-ish armadillo carcass with most of it’s innards hanging out) you can catch a brief cameo of Hunter S. Thompson. Or, if you’re not inclined to sit through the movie trying to figure out which scene I’m talking about,(though it is worth seeing) someone’s uploaded the specific clip to YouTube.


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