La-La Land 3/16/2011 – A Blue Bird For Bloomberg!

Freshly completed “Living In La-La Land” here, and at Webcomics Nation:

Tamara here is our friend Tamara Wyndham, who’s artwork & performances (much of which has a spiritual and/or feminist bent) can be seen here:

The postcard being referenced? Old Lower East Side graffiti that someone snapped a photo of and capitalized on by making a postcard of it.

Ahh, yes, a vanishing New York, where people loudly declare their intentions with a menacing tag. That space is probably now rented by a hipster-cum-yuppish sort who would ALSO like to lure you into his house to hurt you, but will attempt it with a smile, flattering words, and rohypnol instead. “The more things change blablahblahblahblah”. Apropos of nothing, here’s Moondog because my husband and father were reminiscing about him over dinner the other night. And ask me about my one-of-a-kind* Moondog votive candle!

*or however many of a kind Victor Cayro decided to make, since he designed the label.


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