8/7/2005 Bad Idea – Entropic August

Just in time for August, a comic made some years ago about August and stagnation. I’m guessing that dissolution wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Though I don’t necessarily buy into the dream interpretation theory that each and every aspect in a dream is a representation of yourself (not that it really matters, because this wasn’t based on a dream) I feel like each individual character in this strip is an aspect of my psyche, how much of external destructive forces can we be exposed to before we begin to willingly partake, like voluntarily devouring a metaphorical slab of putrefied meat? Are you left wondering how everything got so stuck?

Then again, fuck the bit about it being different aspects of myself. Because I’m willing to bet there are any number of people in this world that this happens to on different psychic levels every day.


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