La La Land 3/17/2011 One Vacate & A Funeral

I sat through “Four Weddings & A Funeral” once, and all I remember is a scene where the groom lost the wedding band and all the best man had was this heavy metal style skull ring instead. Wait, am I thinking of the right movie? Anyway:

These are a number of things we were thinking and talking about about in regards to the Loft Law and our home in particular, I’m really not sure what to add to this that isn’t already explained in the strip. Except wine straight from the vineyard is pretty damn sweet (colloquially, not in taste.)

I’m more sitting here wondering what sorts of details will emerge in the wake of the Tottenham riot last night, and how much of it we’ll be privy to in America. Not that England is exactly some closed off country as far as information goes. It just seems that there’s minimal interest in this as far as mainstream news sources go. The covers of both the News and the Post instead were about some 30 year old who drove his Dad’s minivan into Harlem Meer because he was angry at him. Funny in a sitcom, perhaps, but as front page news?


"He loves that car more then he loves me, Ferris! He wipes it off with a diaper."





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