Top Ten Lists At Hooded Utilitarian

So, a while back the website Hooded Utilitarian invited me to compile a list of Top Ten comix (favorite? most influential?) These lists were compiled from a number of people in various aspects of the comic world to get a comprehensive list of greatest all time comics. They’ve also published the individual lists, mine is on this page:

I gotta say, whittling it down to only ten was difficult, and even so what’s on my list is by no means everything or everybody who’s influenced me in the realm of cartooning and comics. I mean being that they didn’t ask for animators I didn’t mention Max Fleischer or Bob Clampett, who certainly made as much of an impact on me as cartoonists who work in strip or book format. Or Mad Magazine – I had a lot of paperback reprints of them as a kid–lots of jokes about hippies and Richard Nixon that gave me my first baffled ideas about before-my-time 20th century history and popular culture. It would be hard for me to single out a particular artist or feature of Mad that I considered The Influence because it was the general tone of the whole thing that I feel impacted the approach I take to humor. And someone else on the page voted for Max Ernst’s collage novel Une Semaine de Bonte, which I love, but had never really thought to regard as a comic. Which might have changed things if I had!


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