Interview At Ms. Comix Blog

A couple of weeks ago, I did a Q & A with Angie Spoto at Ms. Comix, and this is the result right here!

Ms. Comix, as the title suggests, is a comics blog devoted primarily to women in comics, as creators, as readership, as characters in stories. In the past year, as I talk about in one of the questions, I’ve seen a resurgence of dialogue about women in comics. On one hand, I’m glad that folks like Angie Spoto and Anne Elizabeth Moore are looking at it in a more nuanced way than the reductive “Women don’t read comics cuz the stores are messy and the superheroines all have unrealistic boobage” rallying cry that was heard so much in the 90’s. On the other hand, I’m a bit tired of having this dialogue altogether. Not because I think it’s uninteresting or unimportant, on the contrary it’s very much so. I’m more tired of the fact that it STILL has to be had at all. That here we are in 2011, hell in a few months 2012, and much, not all, but much—of the comics scene is still an insular little fan club that squirms uncomfortably in their seats when asked to consider other points of view. In the rest of nature it seems like life forms that don’t adapt and evolve when things change die out. Among humans they just dig their heels in deeper and grab whatever establishmental billy clubs are in their reach.

On the other hand, I’ve also met some great people through comics. And I know these issues are not just contained to the world of comics, even as I label it “insular”. Heh.

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