Living In La-La Land iYo Soy Malta!

I am not malta. But I really really love malta. Anyway…

One of the main differences between doing a journal strip and a more fictionalized work like Too Negative is that you don’t have the same kind of control over the narrative when documenting real life. Things don’t have nice little punchlines or closures and elements can be introduced that become significant later, or amount to absolutely nothing. For example, I can’t tell you why all these squad cars were idling around and being ominous, because I never found out. I suppose it would make a more exciting (and conventionally constructed) comic if in the next strip I could say they swooped in and got some serial killer hiding out in the area or something, but in reality things like that seldom happen. Nor can I tell you who painted that upside down squatter symbol on the door of the room we were moved to. Did they paint it inverted as some sort of “statement”, or did they just not remember it right? This is also part of the reason I opt to not always do Living In La-La-Land in the usual panel to panel way, or at most with irregularly shaped gutters between occurrences; because our lives are a bit chaotic and not that neatly spelled out. Often my memories of a day’s events will be jumbled impressions of things that occurred, one thing may stand out or a number of things may be fighting for Most Important Event Of The Day. I hear gingko biloba helps with that sort of thing, I dunno.


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