3/20/2011 La La Land – Odyssey Dawn sounds like the name of a Renn Faire stripper

A comic about downtime from our housing struggles, and how we are unable to do much beyond babbling to each other…I never did end up going to a spa, though some months after this there was a bit of a birthday splurge at Kiehls, the old time Lower East Side apothecary with a Harley parked inside, AIDS research advocacy, and free sample packets that you can hand-crank out of Victorian era dispensers. As for Obama, by the time the rebels finally broke into Quadaffi’s compound, his Princess was in another castle.

I’ll be spending the day trying to avoid the fact that something I remember in a very tangible way, a lot of fear, pain and sickness and a pervasive scent of death, is being co-opted in a flag-waving and crying eagle frenzy, to push a variety of agendas and conspiracies, mostly cooked up by people who weren’t even here at the time. I heard on the radio that they were setting off fireworks on Governor’s Island to “celebrate” 9/11. That is beyond tasteless.


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