Sometimes it’s hard to condense all the images of a day into one page, or to pick out the moment that best illustrates things. Like at the top of the page, the dinner with my Mom and Jamie, it occurred to me while coloring this that out of context it seems odd, this man’s mother died and we’re all joking about other things–Mom mentioned to Eric later that he actually appreciated the diversion and levity at this late dinner, after a day of services and relatives. Also, sometimes, when things are really hard and heavy, the human brain just goes to distractions to diffuse. It’s that or melt down. I’ve melted down enough to know.

I also am happy with the juxtaposition of color here. This Best Western airport hotel kitchen–my mother just had pizza delivered and we sat at a folding table eating it with Bordeaux while an overhead TV played the Fox cartoons with the sound off. It was bland, beige, and ugly. It was a real contrast to return home to our collective’s brightly painted walls and furniture, and the warm energy there. I can’t help but think of all the types of people who come through those little motels out in the middle of nowhere, whether by sudden bereavement, on traveling business, or simply by the hour, and a sense of plasticene loneliness comes over me.

Lastly, the story about the undercover mentioned? I had not yet begun a journal comic at the time so there’s no comic about it. But yeah, it happened like this–this musclebound Bay Ridge looking guy pulls up alongside where we’re walking in a jeep. Looks more like an extra from Jersey Shore than a local for certain. And proceeds to bellow at the top of his lungs “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!”

“Yes?” I respond, assuming he’s lost and needs directions.


Um, no sir Mr. Officer, we do not.


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