3/22/11 “We Have Met The Enemy…”

“We have met the enemy, and he is us” – Pogo by Walt Kelly

When the city pushes everyone to the wall, the desparation begins to unravel things from within. For some. For others it’s a huge game, and you begin to wonder if basic housing is something that they’ve never had to truly fear of being without. Going down to take care of simple things, tending to animals and bringing up things we needed, became an unsettling routine of constantly feeling watched, a horror movie that never ever quite fully happened. Because in the end, I think there were those who, having fallen out with the group, maybe felt wound up that we hadn’t, the way we felt wound up that they might be jeopardizing our chances of getting this vacate lifted and returning to our room. And so unlike that horror movie slasher who leaps out and hacks the girl in the empty room to pieces, these people had no true malice towards me, or Eric. They just didn’t know if they could trust us at the time, any more than we could trust them. There were all sorts of different levels of scrupulousness and need among everybody. Some people actively and deliberately hinder rather than help, and some are just sort of lost and unsure of what to do next.


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