Flowers On The Razorwire

Though I take a lot of photos of things that interest me for fun, I don’t think of myself as doing “art photography”. I don’t know if I even think of this as “art photography”, just more as something I walked past on a street on the Lower East Side, stuck me when I saw it, and am really happy the picture came out ok. I’m always fascinated by little vestiges of nature that are determined to exist in an urban landscape. I love how thriving and happy these delicate little flowers are growing amidst barbed wire. It makes me think of the type of balance I strive to achieve within myself, as uncomfortable as either-or makes different people…

I’m missing an art show right now, which may not sound like a big deal, except that I’m in it..Eric and I have been fighting to blast some high-octane drama out of our lives, and are in serious need of some downtime. I don’t even know how I’m propping myself to type a blog post right now.


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