The Underpainting Continues

Actually, the underpainting should have been completed weeks ago.

In the past I’d see Santa Muerte statues in the following robes: black, white, red, green, each with accompanying associations. But in the stores around here I’ve also seen them in gold, hot pink, rainbow colored, glitter covered, or with money, mirrors, or other objects stuck to them. I want to do a vast array of them.

Why am I lagging on my work? By this time next year all will be made clear. We’ve not even had the chance to make it by the Laurie Lipton exhibition at Last Rites Gallery, a show I’ve been jonesing to check out. She’s another artist who has rendered Santa Muerte, along with a number of other charmingly creepy and sometimes acerbically astute subjects and concepts. Go on, click the link. I really truly recommend you click the link!


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