3/25/11 La La Land – Crumb Retrospective

After the non-stop nightmare this journal strip quickly became courtesy of the D.O.B., It was nice to spend a night out like human newlyweds looking at great art and of course, showing off my husband to the comix circles. 😉 Actually, I’d wanted to see the Crumb show once I found out it was going to happen, and I wasn’t going to let a little thing like having to fight City Hall get in my way. While I may not agree with everything Crumb the man has to say, Crumb the artist captures aspects of the human condition in his cartooning, his life experiences both external and internal, that makes it clear why his influence and inspiration have been so far reaching.

At the same time I can’t wrap my head around the indie hipster-nerds who believe he’s beyond all dialogue and critique, and react to such with the combined zealotry of a religious fanatic faced with blasphemy and a hypersensitive teenager bristling at the fact that their friends called their prom date a loser. For fuck’s sake, he’s a human being. As are we all. And the minute a human falls into thinking another human is never to be questioned or disagreed with, well, that’s a very evolutionarily stunted place for both parties to end up in.

In the meantime, here’s a video of Crumb himself, who is also quite a musician as well as cartoonist performing with my friend Eden Bower’s musical combo, East River String Band.

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