3/26/2011La-La Land – Dark Bar Art Show

This is the opening night of the art show I was preparing for in this strip . It was at King’s County, which has become my favorite around-the-corner dive (sorry Wreck Room, it has a coziness to it.) At the time Eric and I did view it also as a small victory for the collective in terms of reputation-building. I can’t say that it was or wasn’t, ultimately, but I think I’ve learned that one flaw in this thinking was the supposition on our part that just because people are living in something they bill on Craigslist as an “art collective” is no reason to assume that everybody who inhabits said space truly understands the ideas behind “collective”, “community”, or even “artist”. Which is not to say there weren’t a good many number of people I met through there who didn’t genuinely embrace those things! But you know what they say about “assume” : it makes people quote some sitcom from the 70’s ad nauseum that I never really found all that funny anyway, when I saw it.

But those are journal strips for another day.


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