Drawing From Life At The Occupation

I’ve been trying to get back into the practice of drawing from life. And not seeing capital go to unfairly bail out banks and corporations on the backs of the exploited. So I combined the two at Liberty/Zucotti Park the other day.

This was called a “Liberty Tree” and consisted of worker’s helmets from various unions that support the movement.

Here’s Eric drumming. He and Andy were supposed to perform with Eric Drooker’s art slideshow (he’s the guy who designed that really amazing General Strike cat poster that’s been going around.). But when we arrived we learned from a girl with purple hair and a Guy Fawkes mask that the police had removed the generators from the park that morning “for safety reasons”. Culminating in 46 cases of hypothermia the following day during that freakishly premature snow and sleet storm that hit, sounds real safe to me. But for that night, Drooker just broke out his banjo and the three of them had a free jam before the General Assembly.. Luckily, they had already gotten to do this there before:

The percussion is somewhat muted, as cops made Eric put away his doumbek, leaving him no choice but to play on foam core, trash cans,  asphalt, and anything else in sight. Which they were perplexed but ultimately cool with, or so I’m told. I was having a can’t-bust-the-misogynists freakout and a conversation with a levitating building on Exchange Place.


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