Waffleodeon, Ruler Of Prussia

Another early strip from the first “Too Negative” mini. I just feel like coloring them.

So, Akie obviously looked a bit different then, and I used to have as much interest in gluing things to the pages as drawing on them. (I always say I want to do more collage work, but I’m buried under countless other things.) I also didn’t know how to make ratatouille back then, which is why what I drew more resembles a pot of spaghetti sauce . Ten years later though, I make a kick ass ratatouille. Seriously. Though it does at least involve seasoned tomato puree, so this isn’t completely off base.

The only unanswered question I have then, is where the cartoon cliche of mentally ill people believing they’re Napoleon comes from? No really, I’ve never met anyone with a mental health diagnosis who actually believed that. Not in the hospitals, not in outpatient, not anywhere. Hell, I don’t even think that, despite my being chronically short. I mean, some guy in the 60’s recorded a whole novelty album around this premise, under the name—what else? Napoleon XIV. But what I was really thinking of with this was this cartoon:


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