Dawn and Wall Street

This is for an upcoming art show at Bluestockings, centered around Occupy Wall St.

In my mind this is the sequel to the Time Is Up piece I did at Liberty Park a while back. The Posada-esque corporate wasp has fallen and a new type of society is looking at the dawn. And my fascination with nature claiming it’s place among urban steel and concrete continues.

Actually, in the process of making this piece I came across something where Alejandro Jodorowski, the director, talks about how revolutions fail (has there been a revolution in history that ever led to a civilization free of corruption and oppression?) and mutation is called for. Though I support Occupy Wall St, some of the internal issues that have surfaced in the park, lack of safe space for women (I’ve contended with sexism there myself. I’m not the only one.), or tonight on WBAI interviews with trans activists who have felt marginalized, may grimly prove his statement. While it’s not the movement consisting solely of comfortable young white kids detractors want to portray, it’s still got a ways to go before it truly becomes the movement encompassing and inclusive to all of the 99%.  Which may be where an evolution of human consciousness may have to step in.

Anyway, here’s what I was thinking about. Yay, search engines.

“We’re passing through this final anguish, in which everything falls. Religion falls, politics falls, the economy falls, industry falls. And so, there will be no revolution, there will be re-evolution, there will be mutation.” – Alejandro Jodorowski

Maybe that’s what I’m looking for, an alchemical Occupation. The complete transformation spoken of. The next step.


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