He’s Someone Special, I Can Sense It

I finished a watercolor tonight, of a rat I hallucinated months ago. He looked like and wore this specifically.

This incident was referenced in one of the earliest Living In La La Land strips, though I don’t think the comic makes it clear that the hallucination actually occurred before the–umm—self-medication, not after it.

Anyway, while I’m on the subject of watercolor paintings, here’s the one that’s on display at the “Tahrir” show downtown, entitled “The Destroyer”:

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy having two watercolors on display in art shows that both reflect the uprising of the people? Think about watercolor – considered one of the hardest mediums to master by many artists and instructors, yet also the most readily dismissed by the artistic elite. (At least here in the West. I’m told in China there is an entirely different outlook on the subject.) I know I’ve probably gotten into this before on this blog. But whatevs, here it is again.

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