American Lucid (originally performed @ Occupied! art show)

The world that they’ve created broke it’s promise to the rest of us. Broke it on our backs, seeking to create a nation of controlled and crushable invertebrates, eating and secreting the latest toy, fashion craze or public scare, and it worked for a while, and nothing trickled down but their contempt and spittle until…

The American Dream became the American Waking Terror and the American Dreamers began to dream lucidly and grow legs and teeth and use them to push up through layers and layers of dirt to see the rising sun.

And we were the Dawn of a new Promise to the World. | And to ourselves || And to each other. ||| and Mommy’s Little Nepotists sneered down at us and called us “whiners” because we had the audacity to question why we’d been sold out, stepped on and denied the same privileges they were handed after we’d worked for them, fought for them, died for them, cannibalized one another when they told us to and made ourselves their whores because for some of us we were told it was all we were fit for, and others of us told we could escape this fate and join their ranks if we just spread wide enough…

But it was Mommy’s Little Nepotists who were the whiners, not wanting to pay for all they had hoarded, taken credit for, stole, built on a toxic earth foundation of slavery, imperialism, subjugation, rape, terror, and a conviction that they had somehow “earned” it fair and square.

So stand at the Dawn and look to the East, across at Wall Street and beyond, the so-called “hippies” who refuse to “mellow out”, the lost, the lied to, the lied about, the fractured the fragments the disenfranchised, the orphans of the state, the bruised, the feverish, the mentally ill, the ones between the cracks, the ones who didn’t fall, but were pushed – and subvert every paradigm imposed on you.

They were never really your truth anyway. But you know that. Because like me, you are part of the 99%.

And we are a new promise to a new world.

So that was the finale Monday which people who talked to us after the set seemed to respond to the most, asking to see the text or for specific quotes. Interestingly today, I was reading an article on the subject by Angela Davis (who herself has a rich history of activism) in which she repeats a quote by June Jordan, “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. I’d not come across that quote before, but it seems like it more succinctly conveys where I was going with all this. I’m switching back and forth with her site and writing this post right now and I’m pretty much loving “I Must Become A Menace To My Enemies”, which is embedded in the site. Seriously loving this poem.

Occupied! art show at Bluestockings. The show is up through December 8th.


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