La La Land 3/29/11 – “Despite All My Rage”

Just a general mood. I think it was more that I wanted to sit in the room and draw, but instead was contending day in and day out with all these other crisises and events. And yeah, there was a point where a bag full of rats was just plunked down beside me with no question as to whether I might want to move about, go to the room, socialize with the guests (there was a mixer that day for various Brooklyn collective houses). I love the lil’ anjils, no doubt! But I have things to do.

What’s sort of funny though is that as aggravated as I am to be put to work cooking in this drawing, over the coming months I came to really enjoy it and find it relaxing. I mean, we’re certainly not beyond thinking it’s fun to just heat up mac-n-cheese or get a pizza some nights, but I’ve definitely begun to look at food in a new way beyond just something you heat up when you get hungry. What it’s health properties are, where it comes from, what’s available in different areas, who we patronize when we buy it. There’s stuff we grow on our roof, and locally a fruit and vegetable stand I prefer run independently by a Mexican couple, and I’ve even begun to look more seriously into the possibilities of rooftop gardening(beyond what we’re already doing) and urban farming, though I don’t feel I’m qualified to comment a whole lot on that just yet.


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