Ursonate @ 119 Gallery. I AM an “Instrument Indeterminate”

This Saturday night (Dec. 3rd) at the 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA., Eric and I are once again joining forces with Urchestra to perform Kurt Schwitters’ “Sonata In Primeval Sounds”. I love love LOVE the fact that I’ve been billed on the gallery’s site as “instrument indeterminate”, something  I’m cooking up ideas to live up to. Show starts at 8PM.


Ursonate Orchestra: [Western MA]
Andy Laties and Rebecca Migdal – vocals
Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz – instrument indeterminant
Eric Blitz – percussion
John Landino, Denis Luzuriaga, Pronoblem and Glove, and Mitch Ahern – homebrew instruments
performing Kurt Schwitter’s sound poem “Sonata In Primeval Sounds.”
Minissali Herr Duo: [Brooklyn NY]
Weston Minissali – analog synth
Brooke Herr – movement
Billy Mack Collector: [Stroudsburg, PA]
Billy Mack – acoustic electric bass, vocals
Katherine Freeman – vocals, instruments
Three-legged Race:[Lowell]
Stephanie Lak – vocals, fun
Abram Taber – bass, more fun
Michael F Dailey Jr – chaotic percussion & too much fun
Walter Wright – electron eeks

Published in 1932, Kurt Schwitters’s “Sonata In Primeval Sounds” is the granddaddy of sound-art poems: a 90-minute nonsense opus that develops 26 abstract themes in classical sonata format. Andy Laties’s rousing participatory interpretations were honored in Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art’s major “Art In Chicago 1945-1995? retrospective.

Vítejte v sekci v?nované práv? Ursonate Orchestra. Práv? zde naleznete všechny písni?ky a písni?ky.

119 Gallery is located at 119 Chelmsford St, Lowell MA 01851

And while this isn’t our rendition, I really like the animation in this clip (and yes, I know they took the marching “r”s from The Wall)

I’m also looking forward to this because we’re having a little autumn art trip to the country in the days beforehand, including visiting a friend and bandmate who now has a barn full of sound-sculptures, and Eric says he can show me where Jack Kerouac is buried in Lowell (and I haven’t ruled out libations and Doll Hospital ninja-gigging), and if time and coaxing people with cars permits, maybe even going back by Feeding Tube records to see what’s new there.


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