Sonata In Primeval Sounds -Ursonate at 119 Gallery full video

We’re back from Lowell now, and a very nice gentleman named “Rat” (that HAS to be a good thing!) was kind enough to film the Ursonate Urchestra performance, and a bit of a warm up, in it’s entirety. For this interpretation? The unraveling bureaucracy with the perennial Others lurking around the perimeters, also futilely attempting to assimilate and/or rebel. (Not that that’s what it’s necessarily about. I just pretend a different thing each time.) Plus I did aktion painting on sheet metal with a knife.

My favorite part, which you don’t clearly see in this (I think the cameraman went out to smoke or something, LOL!) is when I was holding the metal ducts and such and incorporating directly into Eric’s percussion. There’s something really kinetic in that interplay I would like to continue to explore when we perform together. I seem to have gashed my neck at some point, not badly, and the shins of my tights still had leaves and grass on them from roaming around a closed cemetery after dark (full story and some type of recording forthcoming), and I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking that this is how life should be all the time.


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