Handpainted Ornamental Monster Kewpies…

…photographed with my dying camera, on our Winter Solstice evergreen tree (which is really white. And lives up to it’s symbol of eternity-ness by actually being artificial.) I made them by painting over some kewpies I found at a party store, probably for baby showers, I don’t know.

This one is a mummy, you can’t really make it out clearly but I painted a little winged solar disk on his head and a Kephra scarab on his chest, where you see the splashes of red and blue.

And of course a devil baby. There are little horns drawn on her head which, of course, you can’t see because I’m a shitty photographer with a dying camera.

I actually have one more kewpie who I want to make into a baby version of Baron Samedi, but first I have to figure out where to find (or how to make) a little top hat, maybe a cigar too. Why do I want the Baron of Death, or even a mummy, invited to the rebirth of the Sun, of the Crowned and Conquering Child? Cuz one inevitably leads to the other? Because they’re inexplicably intertwined, because something must end before you reach the stage of rebirth or regeneration?

Mainly it’s just because that’s what I feel like seeing if I can create next.



One thought on “Handpainted Ornamental Monster Kewpies…

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