Baby Baron Samedi & Occupy 2.0

Today was like the outburst of creativity that never quite happened. Received the email call earlier in the week from Occupy Musicians, but couldn’t be slated because Eric had a prior commitment he couldn’t break. Bummer. Heard that among the musicians were going to be Lou Reed and Patti Smith. Cool, but bummer. Arrived at Occupy 2.0 to find no performers whatsoever, don’t know what the cops did to put a stop to that, but it must have been something. Circled the tinier-than-Zucotti Duarte Sq. with my friend Boogie and a camcorder, hoping to catch something of what was there before the eviction, that night of the art show where Eric and I performed to parts of the movement, and I told them we could be a new promise to the world.

The energy was different again today, but then, the energy has felt different every time I’ve entered an Occupy site. This time? It felt angrier (which I’m fine with), and also more discombobulated, like “what do we do now?” A furious young man with shocked white hair ranted into someone’s recording device that he was tired of just “making statements for the media” when we needed to be getting more shelter for the homeless, occupying unused properties, as they’ve done in East New York and such. The bearer of the recorder didn’t argue his ideas, really, but seemed uncomfortable with the level of intensity with which they were expressed. Boogie introduced me to a woman named Marnie who called herself the “Occupy Fairy”, draped in an American flag, underneath which was a “sexy Santa” getup. She told us earlier that 20 people had been arrested attempting to climb into a fenced off park, a fate she’d managed to evade despite climbing a ladder while wearing rollerblades. There was a few minutes of dancing around and chanting “¡A! ¡Anti-Capitalista!” rythymically breaking up the words. There was a brief and spirited applause when someone unfurled a banner (reading “Occupy” as far as I could make out) from a tall building at the end of Canal St., to nicely match the pieces of fake yellow caution tape that had surrounded the square earlier, and was now being worn or carried by a number of people.

There were multiple radios all set to WBAI, which was fluctuating between readings and music. Someone announced that everyone was going to march on the house of the rector for Trinity Church (did you know it’s not just a centuries old church with a fabulous graveyard? It’s also apparently some kind of landowning juggernaut.) and we helped carry a banner there, one of those 3 person jobbers.

This in itself was a bummer too, because Pagan or not, I love the Trinity church from an ascetic standpoint. (Actually, if you’re an observant enough Pagan you’ll find plenty to love inside it.) At least upon returning home I was able to finish my Baron Samedi kewpie ornament to match the others I made:

The symbol I put on his head is a detail from the Veve associated with him, the entire design, although beautiful, would not have fit. These figurines are only about 3 inches in length, maybe a little under.


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