“Howl” in Tompkins Square Park after dark

Andy found this video someone posted on YouTube. Although it’s too dark to see who’s in the bandshell, I can tell you. Eric Drooker speaking and playing banjo, Andy Laties on saxophone, and of course Eric (I mean, my Eric. Eric Blitz) on drums. 🙂

This was on October 30th. It was billed as “Occupy Tompkins”, but it was more of a really good concert lineup day than a full on Occupation encampment. There was this, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Rev. Billy, and I forget who else. And hey, how cool is it to hear a people’s mic recitation of excerpts from Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”?

Anyway, I gotta go do more Winter Solstice stuff.


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