4/1/2011 La La Land – Kept In The Dark

Happy New Year to anyone who goes in for that sort of thing. Even if this time of year weren’t personally traumatizing as Hell for me, I can think of a few more fulfilling ways to indulge in masochistic tendencies than New Year’s Eve in NYC. Drunk screechy yuppies roaming everywhere, subways packed to the gills and stalling every 15 minutes, and all the usual dilapidated venues charging five times as much as usual, all so people can convince themselves they are having a “fabulous” time. All because whoo-hoo! Time is still proceeding in a linear fashion, to the best of human perception!! I’m more than content to lock myself in with lots of art to work on, a six-pack, and a sexy husband. 🙂

So anyway, this comic is one of those things I was mad about at the time and think is hilarious now (a recurring motif when it comes to our neighbors…) This rigamarole with power bills was going on before we moved to this space, and it’s still going on now. Stop reading here if you’re not into spoilers (do journal comics have spoilers?) but later in the year we’ll discover (courtesy of an annual FDNY building inspection) that someone jacked into our power meter for a period of time, so I don’t find it out of the question, looking back on this strip, that the same thing happened to them.

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