The Three of Cups & Death Of A Scanner

First artwork of 2012. I finished the Three of Cups in my TaRat deck on the same night our scanner issued it’s death rattle. No amount of reinstallment or downloading updated drivers or any of that made a lick of difference. So here’s a hazy preview of the art taken with my camera:

Again I’m modeling these after traditional decks, primarily the Rider-Waite, though in the past year if I want to actually do anything with a Tarot deck, it’s the Thoth, with Crowley’s Book of Thoth as a point of reference. I wouldn’t attempt to rat-replicate Frieda Harris’s card designs though–as with the William Blake deck, I feel they’re too unique, too personal a vision of the executors (and too full of symbology I’m not quite far enough along to fully understand yet.)

Fortunately the powers of mail tracking tell us that a payment I’ve been expecting since December should be in our box by tomorrow afternoon, so I should be able to replace the scanner and get a proper image of this up on site (and catch a showing of Melancholia before we’re bogged down with a scanner box, hopefully!). Plus my frustrations are placated by the fact that Eric spent an afternoon meeting with the musician’s union we’re involved with and came home with this razor-blade necklace for me!

Yeah, he knows me. Well. I’ve never been the type of girl to use jewelry or other gifts received as a barometer of how good the relationship is, but seriously, I love this. DeBeers can go suck an exploitative-traded-in-blood nut, I got an Eggzorcist plush too!


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