A Phyrric Victory In La La Land – 4/2/2011

So I the time I sketched this out I thought this was going to be the end of our housing troubles. Not wanting to face the idea of everyone in the collective having to shoulder an extra $180 in rent just to keep a room in a space that could generate no revenue, we and the other collective member downstairs had decided to take empty rooms upstairs. There was really no other feasible option, given that we were told in no uncertain terms we could not hold events for profit, rent it out as a rehearsal space, or even accept donations for activities. The space had gotten too on the authorities’ radar to attempt to run it as an underground thing – we’d been infiltrated by undercovers in the past. At that point in time as well, due to a number of non-paying tenants and other circumstances, the collective was too financially in the hole to begin to apply for the proper licenses and such to run it as a proper venue. (Indeed, much of the heat was generated by the fact that some members of the house seemed unclear as to whether they were doing an underground party space or a big venture – at one point promotional materials for an underground rave party were sent to fucking Time Out New York.)

I wasn’t so much a fan of the raves, but I loved the art events the more cultural and cerebral things that we hosted and sometimes created or participated in. That was the aspect I was sad to see go. But, again, with no feasible way to do them, who were we to demand everyone else pick up the tab for this albatross? We felt it was more important for everyone to be able to keep a secure and affordable roof over their heads.

We’d begin the process of moving our things upstairs over the next few months, and some other developments would happen as well.


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