I Just Wrote My 1stest Ever Artist’s Statement

Apparently these things are VERY important. We’re out of bordeaux.

“I’m compelled to create art to prevent my pending implosion from being taken out on the rest of the world. This way, the same thing happens on a more metaphysical level. After spending time in a psyche ward and finding the outside world to not be any purer, I decided to, through sardonic humor and un-acted upon rage simultaneously, devote myself entirely to the Dionysian process of finding one’s humanity in the complete rending apart of all else. I feel this process has the potential to occur in anything from a full scale painting to a simple cartoon, if the correct drive courses through it. I see art equally in the finished work and the process of creating it. Every sound or performance action is a ritual towards this goal.”

My fierce guardians will help me.


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