Hello Nothing – Petra Vogt

I haven’t been able to finish anything in the past week. But Eric showed me this poem a few days ago because he thought I’d like it. And he was very, very right, so I’m putting it here.

I am standing next to nothing

Hello, Nothing, I love you

I am as strange and pale as you

I love without clinging the

absence of your being

It is Nothing which I adore

Embrace me, Nothing, so I can

feel more

the darkness into which I’m born

Nothing, only nothing can

take away the pain

of my useless love for

Nothing, which I have

searched in vain. Only Nothing

hears my cry, and

Nothing will be dancing 

when I die.

Sing, sweet Nothing, sing for me

the lullaby of someone

who loved Nothing more than

going by

Hello, Nothing

I love you, Nothing

You and I

dressed in the colors of the sky

We’d like to see History of the World at the Living Theater this week, but like so much else these days, it seems contingent on chasing down a payment that got eaten by bureaucracy.


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