Wedding Tattoo Sketch

Since the time of our engagement, Eric & I have talked about having matching tattoos done. When we spoke of them we’d refer to “wedding tattoos”, although I think what we had in mind was something more to symbolize the physical & spiritual totality of our union, more than just the wedding event itself. But, you know, our lives are chaotic & this never quite materialized. What would be the perfect visual? Why were our household funds so erratic in coming? And when they did, why did they often need to be allocated to this or that emergency? Finally, I devised a plan to put aside a little each day—even if it was no more than a dollar—when payments were regular, to ease the blow when they were not. And I also devised this image:

The color is just  a rough thing I added in Photoshop to give an idea where color might go (as is the crosshatched shading, I suspect we’ll go with the more usual for that.)


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