Another 2 A.M. Hallucination

Yeah, I came out of the bedroom last night around 2 AM (after Eric & I spent a couple of hours watching short films by Flame Schon + episodes of Fraggle Rock)  to find these two silent figures in the loft.

Dark silhouettes with glowing red auras around them. Not speaking, just standing there and I watched them a bit, not sure if I should speak and break the silence, and then they dissolved.

I’ve been entertaining thoughts only half-jokingly that our building, with it’s besotted history, is possessed by some sort of Qlipphotic energies. What a relief to know it’s just possessed by Anonymous.

Possession…it’s like hacking. Into your soul.

On second thought, maybe it’s possessed by Magritte


One thought on “Another 2 A.M. Hallucination

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