Ok, Dahlia, that’ll do…

Just doodled this in light of the breaking news that Susan G. Komen has decided to restore funds to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings:


In the past week, for those who hadn’t heard or don’t particularly pay attention, the Susan G. Komen foundation decided to pull the funds from Planned Parenthood to appease misogynist anti-choicers (is there any other kind?), in particular some sleestack named Cliff Stearns who called for a frivolous audit of PP (who have already opened their books in the past.)

Now frankly, neither organization is as radical as they could be in my opinion, but they do provide many valuable services such as this and depending where someone is, may be the most affordable or even only means of accessing various health services. I could care less what percentage of what Planned Parenthood does is actually abortions because I think that should be unapologetically safe, legal, and accessible for any woman who needs it anyway. And Barbara Ehrenreich, herself a breast cancer survivor, had quite an opinion on the fuzzy pink breast cancer swag industry, of which Komen is central to, in her book Bright Sided. And I’m fully aware that some overanalyze-everything-do-nothing sorts in feminist thought circles will find this totally tasteless and inappropriate, but fuck it. Dahlia is a devil, and everyone knows what little fuckers they can be.

Sleestacks can be fuckers too.


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