Owl in the Sun

Look, I sketched another thing I saw that nobody else did! Why do doctors think this(hallucinations) are so awful? Once I used to think it was awful because I didn’t understand. I still don’t understand, but now I just don’t care. And they’re less mean too.

Like this, a little spotted owl peering out from the center of a solar sphere? Not in the least mean. In fact, pretty damn optimistic if you’re looking to achieve some sort of balance between strange and exotic solar energies and the nocturnal ones that are more comfortable and familiar. It’s probably somewhere still in my unconscious mind that Eric and I both, when we were wide awake on the morning of December 25th, spotted both a barn owl (I had to look into it but they can be sometimes diurnal) and a peregrine falcon (these have in the 2000’s been making a comeback to NYC and Brooklyn )perched in the ripped open back wall of a decrepit abandoned building just north of our back roof. It’s not lost on me which deities I gravitate toward that are associated with both types of birds – Ra Hoor Khuit with falcons, Lilith and Santa Muerte with owls (no Athena, please). I haven’t figured out yet though if a Rat Girl feeling such affinity with these avian predators suggests a penchant for risk taking or just self-destruction.

I also know that in the past year or so psychedelic owl designs and necklaces and such seem to have become the hipster motif of choice, maybe even overtaking those octopi that were inescapable for a while. I know I should write something predictably snarky here about how hipsters suck and my appreciation for owls is so much purer than theirs because I owned an “X The Owl” puppet from the Mr. Rogers show when I was 5 (no really, I had one!). But really, I got nothing. I like vaguely 60’s-ish, vaguely steampunk-ish owl and octopus designs and jewelry. I mean, if a bunch of people are going to follow arbitrary fads, they may as well be fads that are visually appealing!


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