Locas…Y La Loca Perdida (guest column)

Just a heads up, I’ve got a guest column up at Hooded Utilitarian, as part of a roundtable on the work of Jaime Hernandez, best known for his Locas/Hoppers stories from the Love & Rockets comic series he did with his brothers (collectively known as “Los Bros”).


The contributors are all writing about the work from different perspectives, from critical analysis to the deeply personal. Not being a proper art critic myself (despite being highly opinionated!) I decided to discuss it from the perspective of American Latina cultural identities, and also elements of magical realism as I see them figure into the earlier work. Which frankly, was the work I’d seen at the time and age where L&R made it’s biggest impact on me.An index of the full roundtable can be found here:


There’s even a bonus punk download mix! (Wait–no Bags? Who am I to bitch about a download?) Look under “Hinkley Had A Vision”.

These images are from “Flies On The Ceiling”, one of the most powerful pieces ever written in the series. I would’ve loved to expound on it under “magical realism”, even if it’s up for debate how much of what Izzy is experiencing is “real”, but I couldn’t find a reprint in time(it was due last night), and then today someone posted links in one of the discussion sections. Cuz that’s how life works itself out.


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