Now that we’re back from Montreal/Burlington, and rested up to a degree, I’ve begun burning these compilation CD’s for the Brooklyn Zine Fest. They’re the Urchestra show from Rochester, the Doll Hospital impromptu piece at Kerouac’s grave, and a freeform bit of improvisation from Eric, Andy, and Ken Bradburd (he played with us at Reading Chaos). Each of them will have a different handpainted cover. This is the first one:

Montreal was fun, and so was Burlington– I actually left a few copies of “Living In La La Land” in the Firefly Collective at 200 Main St. in Burlington, VT. (Unless I’m mistaken, isn’t it the birthplace of daily comic journals about every little thing you do?) I also left a couple at the Drawn & Quarterly store in Montreal, since they had a little cluttered minicomic-and-zine rack. The place Eric performed with Seth and Andy, La Plante, was a combination residential loft space and venue, maybe not as colorful as this space was, but also without the heavy shroud of eldritch evil hanging over it.

Those red squares are felt– we all wore them to show solidarity with a student strike currently happening in Quebec, where people are fighting to keep university tuition from being hiked and thus inaccessible to parts of the population. It was very common to see people walking around with them pinned to their clothes pretty much everywhere we went.


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